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Other Treatments at Beatrice Family Chiropractic

Dr. RJ uses a variety of adjunct services to provide you with optimal care:

Rehabilitation Exercises

Woman doing physical therapyDone during the active treatment phase. There are 3 stages of care:

Stage 1 – We use the Vibe plate to reprogram your brain so the smaller muscles that are intricate to posture start firing again. Typically, in chronic conditions, the larger muscles take over and you lose awareness of the position and movement of your body. As a result, it becomes difficult to keep your balance.

Dr. RJ might start your posture work by asking you to get dressed and undressed standing up instead of sitting. This forces those smaller muscles to get involved. We also work with a BAPS board and exercise ball for balance.

Stage 2 – Continuing with the Vibe plate, BAPS board and ball, we add movements to your routine. For example, lunges while on the Vibe board. The goal is to keep balanced through the movements.

Stage 3 – Incorporates core work into the routine. Most of the core work is done on the exercise ball. Patients need to feel comfortable with the elements of the routine so they will continue while at home.

If the patient has signed on for corrective care, it’s a long-term commitment. Our staff will encourage you to stay on schedule and get the work done, just like a personal trainer. Our job is to hold you accountable; that’s what you hired us for.

Trigger point Therapy

Trigger points are knots in the muscles. Our muscles attach from one bone to another bone and pull smoothly between the two. When you get a knot, it creates a third point, and the muscle pulls between the two spots to the third.

This creates an aberrant motion and keeps your adjustment from holding. Trigger point therapy breaks up the adhesion or trigger point, to allow freedom of movement. Weekly treatments are needed to dig into the muscle and break up the knot.

Intersegmental Traction (Disc Therapy Table)

Your spinal discs get their nutrition from movement. Chronically injured discs and joints have no freedom of movement.

After your adjustment, we put you on the table and slowly pump the joint. Squeezing your discs together and then opening back up to create space, mimics the natural movement of the disc. This is the mechanism your body uses to get rid of waste and bring in nutrients to heal and grow. We call the procedure a “Vitamin boost for your discs.” This can keep your discs healthy and help you live longer.

Interferential Therapy

Good at masking pain, helps with muscle spasms and inflammation. By pulsating inflammation out of the tissues, we can help the muscle fibers fire again, especially after an injury. Allows your body to relax, move and heal as it should.

Cold Laser Therapy

This is an incredible inflammation reducer. Great for acute and chronic injuries where inflammation won’t go away. Some patients use it exclusively on their sinuses to relieve congestion. Also works well for skin issues such as eczema.

With virtually no side effects, cold laser is a natural way to treat inflammation and speed healing.

Nutritional Counseling

Most people don’t eat balanced meals. They eat a lot of meat and processed foods and not enough fruits and vegetables. That means you don’t have the nutrients needed for normal metabolic function in your body.

We recommend that all our patients take a good quality multivitamin, Vitamin D and a probiotic. If there are other health issues, we provide nutritional support. Supplements are available in our office as a courtesy.

Questions? We Have Answers

Our friendly, knowledgeable staff at Beatrice Family Chiropractic is here to address any questions or concerns you might have. Contact us today for further information at (402) 228-2777.

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