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Pediatric Chiropractic at Beatrice Family Chiropractic

Everyone is born with a spine and central nervous system. By checking children as early as possible, we are able to make corrections and prevent problems from becoming permanent.

After all, don’t all parents want their children to grow big and strong, naturally?

Why is Chiropractic Important for Children?

Dr RJ adjusting young boyAssessing and adjusting children from birth is critical because their spine is developing and growing. Traumas can occur at birth and create restrictions in the spine. Correcting the problem now can stop it from becoming chronic and affecting your child’s quality of life.

Chiropractic is a natural healthcare for children. We don’t want to pump our children full of chemicals that aren’t naturally found in their bodies. Regular chiropractic visits help give the body its best natural chance to fight off illness and disease.

Children love chiropractic! Once they realize it doesn’t hurt, they look forward to the appointments. Naturally energetic, children respond quickly and well to their adjustments.

A Family Affair

All four of Dr. RJ’s children have been regularly adjusted all their lives. Three were adjusted at birth; the fourth two weeks later. Only one child ever used antibiotics and that was after surgery for a torn ACL in college.

The children have not been seen by other providers since their initial well visits. All family medical issues have been handled through chiropractic care and nutrition.

Kids holding man's feet

One of the main benefits of pediatric chiropractic is keeping your child healthy without drugs or surgery. The rise of all these “superbugs” is proof of how our bodies, and the organisms that attack it, have adapted to drugs, especially antibiotics.

The best physician is within our own body. Our bodies were created with the power to heal and regulate itself. When we unlock that power, it can overcome issues medicine can’t. The best time to check the spine is when it is young, developing and healthy.

Pediatric chiropractic can ensure your child’s body is moving correctly and functioning at its best. The right care now can stop the development of many of the problems we deal with all our lives.

We use the same manual manipulation techniques but with a much lighter touch. There is absolutely no man-handling of your child; we don’t force any treatment on them. Every effort is made to put your child at ease and develop their trust.

When they are comfortable, we do the adjustment. Children respond easily and the procedure is usually very quick. And afterwards, they get to feed Nemo in our big salt-water tank!

Dr. RJ is always gratified when he can help his littlest patients feel better. Here are just two who benefited from chiropractic services:

A mother brought her son for treatment for recurring ear infections. He had been on round after round of antibiotics without success. Dr. RJ treated the child and his ear infections stopped after just a few adjustments and never returned.

A 6-year-old boy was brought to the practice as a final attempt to save his hearing. His primary doctor had not been able to reduce the inflammation in his ears. The mother was told that if something didn’t change, her son would lose his hearing within 2 weeks. Dr. RJ adjusted the child and applied cold laser therapy 3x a week for two weeks. At the end of the treatment, the mom took her son back to his doctor. No inflammation was found and the boy had no hearing loss. He became a lifelong patient as a result of his healing.

Learn More Today

Children have lasting benefits from chiropractor care now. Contact us with any questions or concerns you have. Let’s get your child started on the right path today.

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