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Sports Chiropractic at Beatrice Family Chiropractic

If you like playing sports and being active, there’s always a chance injury may occur. Whether you are a weekend athlete or dedicated professional, we can help prevent injury and rehab you if one occurs.

Our office deals with a lot of injuries to local HS athletes, who are referred by their coach. Once we receive parental authorization, we do an assessment, determine what, if any, treatment is necessary and clear them for further competition.

Teens playing basketballHow Does it Help?

Chiropractic is phenomenal for injury prevention and getting people back to work or play. An all-natural technique, side effects, if any, are minimal. If you’re an athlete, and you want to perform at your best, you need to be under chiropractic care.

Research has shown that our bodies respond better after adjustment. If the body is out of alignment, muscles can’t function at their best. When we correct those areas that aren’t moving properly, there’s less chance they will break down later.

We don’t just adjust the spine. Wherever the imbalance occurs in your body, it can be treated. Ankle, foot, shoulder etc., all can be adjusted. We use other therapies, as indicated, to speed the healing process.

Results You Can See

A local track athlete pulled his hamstring right before the District meet. He came to Dr. RJ for help. After one week of daily adjustments to his low back and pelvis, and other treatments, he was able to go to District. Not only did he participate, he qualified to go to the State Finals. One week later, he went to State, 100% healed.

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Sports chiropractic can make a difference in your game. Contact us for an appointment and see how.

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